What a special weekend spent with the best friends a girl could ask for. I’ve known these friends for most of my life.  Some as far back as grade 1, and the others from high school.  We have weathered life challenges and most of the times, all we still have in common is that we went to school together half a lifetime ago but you know what, that’s been enough to keep us together this long!  We spent the weekend with out families in Bela-Bela and while it is harder on our family unit because our kids are so much younger than the others which means we have to dedicate more time in child caring vs around the bonfire at night…it was still a really great group escape.

We hit the road from Bela-Bela to Hoedspruit after we checked out.  It’s my birthday!! It’s a long drive but worth the ugly hours put in. Once you reach Magoebaskloof…the pretty kicks in and it’s just so rewarding. The meandering roads, lush green scenery, rolling mountainous views filled with trees…my favorite things!

Jess asked me how old I was and when I told her 38 – she said it’s not possible. There aren’t that many numbers. So I told her I was 20 and we were all happy with that.

While it was a long day spent in transit…roadtrippin’ with my favorite allies has been a great way to spend my birthday!


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