We are Meanderthals

This is us!  Marketers by profession, property investors by chance, parenting by mistake (and mistake and mistake), entrepreneurs because no other hat would fit and slow travelers because meandering is what we love to do!

Angela and Steven met and together we made a couple!  And we had a couple of dreams, made a couple of businesses, we bought a couple of properties, traveled to a couple of interesting places, moved home a couple of times (and then a couple of times more) and we made a couple of cool kids we call The Jesster, Tintin and Charlie Baby.

Maybe our meeting was serendipitously by chance, maybe through some really strong mind-power manifestation.  Whatever it was…he was just what I needed and I was just who he was looking for.  And our life together is usually calm and always colorful and definitely interesting!

Together – we are wayfinders.  We are wonderers and what-iffers.  We want our 3 little people to grow up experiencing their world first hand, to nurture enquiring minds and raise excursionists with a love of adventure.

We are Slightly Nomad.

Pack a bag.  Let’s go!


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