Six years ago…

We were told in November 2011 by 2 fertility specialists in Cape Town and Sandton that it was impossible for us to naturally have kids and that IVF was the absolute only way. I wanted a baby so badly. We settled on giving the the IVF a whirl in January 2012 after the festive season. It was going to be about R50k. We would have 1 shot so I started preparing for its success.

I stopped smoking, started eating real food, took proper vitamins. I started yoga – there are certain asanas specifically for fertility and I zoned in on those. I made visualisation boards. What I really think worked though was the manifestations…I had some mantras that I would sing to myself every day while out and about. And I would meditate on them at night before bed. I was so focused! ‘Bout a month and a half later, impossibly pregnant. No medical treatments, no intervention.  A baby made from love and not science.

It’s stuff that you put out in the universe. You get what you give energy to. Six years ago I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful Jess ♡

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