This is the cutest thing you will find on the Internet today! This tiny tiny bush baby fell out of the thatch roof tonight. Almost landed on Charlie Baby’s head!! I carefully picked the baby bush baby up with a dish towel and left it next to me on the dining room table while I was working. It took about an hour for the momma to come down. She carefully picked up her baby in her mouth, not caring that I was even there and jumped back into the thatch roof! Chattering away. She was probably giving that baby a lecture about falling from the roof.

I told you!  If you go too close to the edge of the rafters you will fall!  And now look!  You could have cracked your head open like an egg!!  Are you okay my baby?  Is anything broken?  You gave mommy heart failure! <kissie kissie kissie>

That’s what I think the baby bush baby’s mom was saying!

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