I’m not going to lie. I am frightened. We have 3 kids under 5, there are 7 flights ahead of us, 3 countries, 1 month. I have packed and unpacked and packed again. I have stressed and regained calm and stressed just a little more. Jesspacito and Tintin have flown before – a meagre 4 hours to Mauritius but Charlie Baby, he’s going into this adventure with zero flyer miles under his belt. And he is recovering from an ear infection. We all got sick actually…to add to mom’s stress. A week before our set departure. Great.

Why are we doing this? Other than being slightly mad…maybe it’s because life has become a little too routine and predictable. Maybe it’s Steven’s itchy soles or that his adventurous soul is feeling too caged. He has always been a traveller and has been “stuck” in South Africa for over a decade now. Maybe its just time. I’ve been tied into a really great consultancy contract for the past 2 years and in the space of 1 month, they decided not to renew and to instead replace me with a robot (not an actual R2D2, more of an automated process) which kinda hurt because I kinda loved what I was doing. So maybe I need a rebound relationship with a new adventure to fall in love with something other than work. Steven doesn’t need any convincing…he can pack for a months adventure in 5 minutes! And then there’s the promise of property bargains in Eastern Europe that we just have to go see for ourselves.

Whatever it is, it got us to this point! We are boarding for our first long haul flight. We should arrive in Doha sometime tomorrow morning. Right team? Let’s go!

←What’s next??