I worked all weekend. Dirty, manual labour kinda work.

Since I’ve been so successful in propagating little people in recent years…I thought I’d try my hand at propagating plants for a change! I have a she-shed style greenhouse space and this weekend I set about making shelves and planting cuttings and seeds. I sold Jess on the project. She seemed like the most likely candidate to actually assist instead of making more mess.

She started out with MUCH enthusiasm during the planning phase. Her execution – less so. She carried about 4 bricks before announcing that they were “very heavy” and that this was “hard work”. She watched me sweat and lug bricks for a bit and then went back home (where dad was Netflix-ing on the couch) “to make us some snacks”. She returned with a scuftin of cookies and a flask of water. She sat down and watched me work some more while eating her snacks. Clearly has her dad’s work ethic!!

She was happy to help plant though and when I opened up the bag of potting soil she said “mmmm…that smells so good”. It really did! It smelt like earth and rain and all things wholesome. We took cuttings, dipped them in rooting hormones and planted them in up-cycled containers until late in the afternoon.

Now we wait to see if they grow!

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