It was 14°c in the Natal Midlands yesterday. The height of summer in Zululand! We’ve been staying in a big old historic house in Curry’s Post for the past week and roasting ourselves at the big old fireplace every night. It’s our kinda house: smothered in history and texture with lots of space for lots of littles to run around. It’s been a holiday away from the 36°c heat at home in Hartbeespoort!!

The Midlands were busy. It’s peak season which lead us on our own meander away from the maddening crowds. We love meandering especially in the Midlands. It’s so green and lush – just fresh and good. And mostly misty which make your days feel so peacefully dreamy and hard to imagine that there is anything bad in the world. I told the girls to eat up all the greenery scenery with their eyes. It’s the stuff that quenches your soul.

Tintin (3) was playing in the bath making “bubbly glue potion”. She was adding many “ingredients” to the potion. One thing she added (and I promise you she said this) was:
“A star as my GPS”
I don’t know where she heard it from but it’s so smart.

I’ll take a star as my GPS to navigate 2018! We are in for a busy year of building, growth and plenty adventure.

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