If you were out in the Hoed yesterday…you were in for a big surprise! The farmers market – what an awesome outing!! Lots to eat, lots of interesting little stalls. Superb entertainment. We absolutely loved it. There is one thing I am sure farmers want more than sales at little stalls right now as the drought continues to penetrate … and that is rain! And it bucketed down to celebrate the morning. While we high-tailed for the car, I’m sure many farmers were out dancing in the rain! The earth is so so dry at the moment.

We drove all the way to Leydsdorp. Almost seven years ago we were doing our usual thing at a sheriff auction in Phalaborwa.  A piece of land in this ghost town was up for bidding.  No-one was biting so Steven raised his hand


Surprisingly, it was accepted and we got a piece of land in a ghost town called Leydsdorp, an old mining town, hidden away in the overgrown bush down a dusty road, totally forgotten by time…where the dead outnumber the living. The transfer fees in retrospect were a bit of a killer coz we really didn’t have the spare cash to frivolously pay for a piece of land for fun but that R100 still managed to buy us a really great story.

Leydsdorp is still pretty much still a tumbleweed ghost town but the old hotel and bar are up and running and brimming with history!! We settled in for a beer, some light snacks and a couple of stories, a throwback to the 1800’s where men would shoot lions from the door of the bar and zebras instead of horses would pull the carts! Legend has it that a down-and-outer carved a cryptic map into the bar counter claiming he knew where the Kruger gold was hidden. I love the romantic notion that this is actually a map, but I think the guy just wanted to get a free beer.  Under the floor of the bar is a creepy cellar which was used to keep meat cool (no discrimination between meat you eat and dead meat caused from a bar brawl, malaria or lion attack now awaiting burial).  If you are looking for some ghost stories…head to Leydsdorp!

We head home on Monday. There are still some loose ends, some unfinished business lingering in Hoedspruit, but the girls are starting to miss “the home with the dogs”

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