Thanks to Ferdinand the movie…Tintin recently found out that animals are also meat. Hurt and utterly disappointed she asked us accusingly:

How could you do that??

Just when I thought my pickiest eater could not get any pickier…she is now on a meat-free curve ball. We are not telling her that biltong and salami are sourced from dead animals too. I just don’t think she can handle the truth.

School mornings are tight as we production line process everyone to get Jess to school by 7:30. I’m not a great morning person. At all. My sense of humour only starts warming up after 9am. One of the blurry morning’s this week went like this:

I had made the girls toast for breakfast. Tintin sent hers back to the kitchen. The 4 triangles I had cut her toast into were too big!! Through gritted teeth…I re-engineered the toast into acceptably smaller triangles. On my return to the dining room, Jess had decided to send her toast back to the kitchen too because it wasn’t toasted enough. I silently screamed, ditched the toast and went in to try again in the quest for toasted perfection.

And Charlie? He quietly ate his yoghurt amidst the diva-ness. There was a bowl of salt and vinegar crisps left from the night before on the table. He tipped these into his bowl, stirred them into his yoghurt and with his goofy grin, thoroughly enjoyed his breakfast! Boys are such simple, easy to please creatures!


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