And just like that – we have plans!

We bought our farm just outside Hartbeespoort Dam 3 years ago. It belonged to the deceased estate of a famous impressionist painter Adriaan Boshoff. It lay untouched and overgrown for many years before we picked it up on auction. In case you have never been here…there are a couple of buildings on the farm. We renovated the old farm house 3 years ago where we live now. At the the back of our compound – we have a kinda finished house, and then a half build shell of a house and the artists studio which are currently on the canvas.

An architect landed in our bubble – purely by chance. Or synchronicity. It’s like the universe made him just for us!! He gave us a plan. It’s been 3 years of “what if we…” and “maybe we should…” and “what do you think of…” and suddenly, after a week we have something we absolutely love. The plan is simple…everything happens in pairs. 2 windows, 2 doors, 2 cupboards, a bed for 2, a shared bath, a shared shower. It’s balance.

Uncomplicated. Balanced. Together. It’s always been at our core. Sometimes you just need someone to show you how to build it!

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