This morning at Europa cafe in Nelspruit for breakfast…Jess wanted pizza and the waitress said sorry, pizza oven is not ready. Oh the drama. Jess turned her nose up to everything else on the menu like a terrible brat.

“I don’t care. Have nothing for breakfast” I growled at her. “She’ll have nothing thanks” – I told the waitress through a growly smile “I’ll have the cappuccino”.

She delivered my cappuccino with this angry face. It’s my angry face clearly.  She’s right though.  I’m not in a very happy space.

Things have been … well… slightly chaotic since we arrived. It’s our 2nd week in Hoedspruit. We had only planned to be here for a week.  We run a short-term rental business on one of the wildlife estate’s close to town.  We have our own property that we rent out for self-catering holidays, and we manage a number of other people’s properties too which make up our rental pool.  We have a manager who runs the business for us and have unexpectedly uncovered some gross mismanagement of resources and of course…dough.  So we have some business obstacles that need urgent repair and I don’t know when we will be home which is driving me mad.  Our lodge has paying guests in it so we’ve had to vacate so we’ve come to the “big city” to do some shopping.

While I’m usually happy to be on the nomadic road of adventure…I will be very happy to see the tail of this trip. Some adventures are not fun at all

(BTW…Steven got a heart pic on his cappu. He clearly is handling the current situation with much more sedation)

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