Mauritius is…Ugly.

There. I said it.

We had a great flight. Our crew sat through the 4 odd hours without any hassle. But the pent up excitement in arrivals meant 3 kids running around, Steven wrangling them and me getting our paperwork in order to bridge the gap between there and here. We headed out of the airport. We lost our parking ticket between the rental car park and the gate. We veered out into a new country on dark roads watching layers of a somewhat dirty sleepy city scenery through rental car tinted lenses. Nothing was open. Thankfully our kids had been training themselves for this very moment and could survive on a dinner of Pringles and fanta we found in our mini-bar fridge in our apartment (after only eating the bread roll from the in-flight meal)

We woke the next morning to a beautiful vista of Port Louis – the capital city – from the 20th floor of our super stylish apartment. But on the ground…It’s a contrasting mix of buildings, new ones, old ones, even older ones, mostly cubes, grimy, shiny, ugly, neat, littered, dirty. Glitzy tiny fabric stores overflowing on to the street, general stores selling everything from brooms to used taps and bedroom doors. Bananas hanging from their feet in a storefront window and then fancy high tech high rise banking buildings just around the corner. And a choking congestion of traffic filled with crazy drivers, confusing narrow streets and the ever constant buzz of motorbikes flying at you from every angle.

Our mission was to find food for our starving masses which lead us into rural villages which any wide-eyed backpacker would love. The authentic people, houses, raw mosh of life. I can tell you straight up…little people with self-imposed dietary requirements didn’t love the authenticity. We should’ve loaded up on Google maps before heading out.

We found the waterfront (eventually) which was pretty much like the one in Cape Town. Pretty nice. We found food (Pizza-Hut). Charlie slipped into the water where the boats are launched and got absolutely soaked. Already his flash of white blonde hair and very Icelandic complexion has locals wanting to have their photograph with him…you can just imagine the stop-and-stare we got at having him running loose in his rocket ship undies!! I did find really decently priced French wine though. I’ll take that win!

Last night this floated across my screen:

Maybe the day had a shitty you.

Maybe. I probably wasn’t attracting the best if I focused on the ugly right?

Today was just superb. We went to an absolutely beautiful sugar plantation. We toured through this factory cathedral of centuries old machinery, tasted sugar, rum, ate delicious Mauritanian food, pancakes, chocolate dessert from the heavens. Then we found a beach we had all to ourselves. And we spent the latter part of our afternoon in this bubble of paradise paddling in the water, laughing, loving.

It was beautiful. Mauritius is just beautiful ♡