This week’s lesson is to be careful with your trust.  I’ve been single parenting since last week. Steven is manning Hoedspruit and I am womanning everything else at home!

We uncovered some irregularities in our business in Hoedspruit during our recent trip there and after a whirlwind of meetings, audits, polygraph tests – our manager resigned with immediate effect.  Our kids have had real world education in human resources.  All three of them had to sit in on one of our investigative meetings when we were still in Hoedspruit.  We were not prepared to be sucked into this warp zone.  I loaded some new games on their tablets and had bought them each a new toy that I had next to me.  The deal was that if they sat still and quiet – they would get the prize.  Thankfully it was Charlie Baby’s nap time so he was as peacefully unaware of any undertakings (as were we a few weeks prior).  At some stage, Tintin crawled onto Steven’s lap and fell asleep in the middle of this very serious meeting!  But I think they are starting to get the hang of this HR thing:

Tintin thinks that the “lying machine” is something you get put into that will turn you into a lion. I explaind to her that it reveals if you are a cheetah. She must be so confused!

Jess was planning a tea party. Tintin didn’t want to help. Jess told her that if she is not going to work, she’s fired! (I don’t think it’s going to stand up in the labour court!)



Tintin really got fired today. She’s had temperature spikes since last night. Tonsillitis. Poor baby. This is when single parenting is really hard and I miss the extra hands! We got a prescription for voltaren suppositories. They seriously work! She’s ended off the night feeling violated and is harbouring some serious trust issues after the bum rocket.  After my recent weeks…I’m feeling the same.

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